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IFComp 2009: "Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort"

This is a game from the 2009 IFComp.

I expect wacky. I expect awful, anachronistic Ye Olde Englysh. I expect an uncooperative parser, since it's ADRIFT. I am immediately not-disappointed on the first two fronts. And the third isn't long in coming, as the game accepts "UP", but not "CLIMB TREE" in the first room.

The writing starts to grate pretty quickly. Ye Olde Englysh is bad enough (particularly with the completely arbitrary use of "ye" and "yon"; I don't think there's any typographical convention in early Modern English using "ye" as a synonym for "your"), but the overuse of the "X and X-like things" construction gets tedious too. I eventually managed to get the game in an unwinnable state and didn't much care, because I'd found this simultaneously way too precious and not precious in particularly entertaining ways.

Plotwise, this game is fairly relentlessly old-fashioned. It's a magpielike treasure hunt, involving a bunch of locked doors, monsters to defeat, riddles, and suchlike. It's actually other than its own stale whimsy a fairly standard exemplar of this type, and, for what it is, on this front, is not all that bad.

The author of this one is presumably competent and has some good ideas, so I'd really like to see them turn their talent to something a little less gimmicky and annoying.

Also, walkthrough in an MS Word document? Not all of us use Windows.

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